Im busier than …

Im busier than I’ve ever been. But have so much more time.

This year, I decided to get really punctual and just go for it. I thought I was working hard last year, when in reality, I was busy doing nothing. I am certainly not going to let that happen for another year.

It’s funny, I am not one for keeping to a schedule. I like my free flowing life and don’t like being tied down to anything, but in the 1st week of 2014, I’ve done more than I thought I could, just by sticking to a time schedule. NOT spending 2 hours on Facebook, refreshing my news feed for 1 in 100 posts that might be interesting. NOT lying in bed playing candy crush. NOT watching videos of Rihanna not being able to sing for an hour. This was my day on the 3rd January:


Friday 3rd

10.00 – Wake Up/breakfast/check email

11.00 – Gym (Back and Biceps, swim)

14.00 – Sort parking fine, tshirts, etc

                > Sort parking fine 

                > Order Tshirts

                > Claim phone with Barclays

                > Research Tshirt machine/equipment

                > Internet (45 mins: Youtube 15 mins, Facebook 15 mins, Twitter 5 mins, Soundcloud/reverb 10 mins)

                > Clean screens

                > Post ebay sales

                > Get PRS up to date

16.00 – Band Practice

20.00 – Gig


Now, in all honesty, I didn’t get everything done. But I carried on stuff that I didn’t manage to get done to the next day, and managed to finish everything in the week. I’m already feeling like there’s less ‘shit’ to do and more free time to play guitar, practice piano, write songs, etc etc. It’s refreshing! Of course, odd things crop up that completely wipes out my schedule; today for example, I have a lot to do, and also need to switch bedrooms. I didn’t account for that, and am now wondering if I’ll have time to do it till next week, BUT oh look, today, if I get my shit done, I have 2 hours to spare before I need to leave for the open mic night that I run. I wouldn’t know that if I didn’t have my silly timetable. My work would probably expand to fill the time I have! NOT ANYMORE.


Here’s to me being more busy, therefore less busy.



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