This Wicked Tongue on the road again.

This Wicked Tongue on the road again.

So it’s been a hectic last month. My band have finally picked ourselves back up after what has been a non-moving and difficult year and we’re all really excited. We’ve got new songs in the bag, loads of gigs coming up, and are generally in a good place now. We recently managed to support Follow You Home on their tour and are set to play with them again on their christmas party in December.

I’m supporting Finley Quaye this weekend, and my wingman Mike Mann has just been called in for Jury Duty so won’t be able to make it. Talk about there being a spanner in the works!! Never mind though, This Wicked Tongue always pulls through and we’re gonna have a ball of a time regardless. It’ll be interesting to see how Alex Albrow slots in, I can’t wait!!

Anyway, my pledge campaign is slowly taking shape, and in it’s final stages for it’s launch so please keep your eyes peeled for all the cool things that I’ll be showing you in the next few weeks leading up to christmas 🙂

Enough for now,

Tina x


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