So last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to an awesome festival called ArcTangent. From the makers of 2000trees, this festival was always bound to be incredible. I saw all the bands that wanted to see, and a load more too. My favourites from the weekend would have to be Arcane Roots, Theo, ASIWYFA, Talons and Baby Godzilla.

For me, all these bands brought something really different to the table, be it incredible vocals, crazy live show, awesome musicianship or just songs that make you wanna lose control. If you do anything today, check out these bands.

On the subject of music, some of you may know that I’m in the process of getting my second album ready. I’m setting up a pledge campaign and will let you know all the details ASAP. For now, all you need to know is that I’m going to be raising money to fund the album, and I would be grateful if you guys could help! You don’t get nothing for your money and you can choose what ‘services’ you’d like to buy, be it an album, poster or gig in your living room! I’m really proud of the work that’s gone into this album and am very VERY excited for you to hear it!!!

So please, keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks… Things are gonna get exciti

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