Beauty Fool

Beauty Fool

When we were kids, Renee (beauty fool) and I were inseparable. But I moved to England from Singapore and sadly we lost touch. Facebook was ‘invented’ and we found each other 😀 And to my delight, Renee has actually become one of the biggest, if not THE biggest beauty blogger in Singapore! I’ve followed her for years so it’s only right I share her blog on mine! She was the first person I ever knew to have a blog and it’s awesome. I’m not sure why I didn’t start one sooner! She’s even featured me on her blog already!!

Renee writes about beauty, lifestyle and fashion, and regularly blogs about new products she’s tried out so to give you an insight of whether it’s any good or not. She’s also very active in finding out and only using brands that do not test on animals. Perfect person? So if you like my blog, which I’ve only been doing for a few weeks, then you’re going to love Renee’s. Go follow her 🙂

Another blog I read is a young woman called Kenza’s.

She posts photos daily of her outfits, and writes short snippets about what she’s getting up to for that specific day. I found her through instagram and have to admit, I now have a small girl crush on her. She looks absolutely amazing and also has her own clothing line now called Ivy Revel. They don’t ship to the UK yet though, so I’m patiently waiting for that to change!

Now here’s a blog closer to home. This girl is one of my good friend’s, Becky Rose’s sister; Katie Lowe.

Fat Girl, PhD

About 2 years ago, I noticed a huge difference in Becky. She, like me is a musician in Worcester and regularly gigs, so I only ever saw her every few weeks or so. All of a sudden it seemed she’d lost a load of weight, but more importantly seemed really happy and healthy!! We speak a lot more these days, and I realise now it wasn’t an overnight process, and that it was hard work. So anyway, I began to read little snippets of a blog that her and her family started to share on Facebook. And voila, it’s being written by Becky’s sister Katie, who also managed to lose a load of weight and just looks amazing for it.

I read this blog because not only does it give you motivation to be HEALTHY, it also doesn’t ignore the fact that in a world where the media tells you what’s perfect; you’ll never be happy until you accept yourself as you are:

“It’s about changing your entire attitude towards yourself, both in mind and body.”

She’s an inspiration!!

So those are the blogs that I regularly read, please let me know others that I’m missing out on!!!

Tina x


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