EP No. 2, on the way!!! PLEDGE?!

EP No. 2, on the way!!! PLEDGE?!

Okay, so at the moment I’m up to my eyeballs in ‘stuff’. I have a few t-shirt orders in the pipeline, but seeing as my arm is out of action for a while I can’t get going with them for another few days! Nightmare. So anyway, in the meantime I’m also busy writing for my second album! It’s gonna be the full works, full band, fully produced sound; as opposed to my first album, which  was quite literally my voice and a piano… and Dave Draper’s amazing production 😉


So I’m really excited to finally get all the songs written and to show all of you hundred’s and thousands of people reading this (  <— 😉   ) what I’ve been working on. Song no. 8 is nearly finished and then I only have another few more to work on. On the downside, doing an album means spending money!!! Money that I don’t have but am willing to work for! So I’m in the process of working on a pledge campaign. Pledge campaigns give ‘fans’ the opportunity to support an act and help them pay for either an album or single release. The act will put together a list of items that are for sale and how much they cost: merch, gigs, posters, albums once they’re done, etc etc. The fans then choose which item they want, pay for it and the act gets the money! So it’s not money for free! I’m currently working on my list so any suggestions would be amazing!!


Being busy is always a good thing in my opinion! And I’m happier at the moment that I have so much on. Stay tuned, I might even put some cheeky snippets of some new songs up here if you’re lucky!!!


The link at the top is to my soundcloud where you can find loads of my first album and loads of my band This Wicked Tongue’s stuff too! Enjoy! x


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