Canada, Philippines, Cut The Tent, CrossFit New Business…



Well, what can I say about this place. Possibly the best place I’ve ever experienced?! I was blessed to be able to stay with my Grandma’s sister, my Great Aunty Mary. I have family in Toronto, so things couldn’t have worked out any better. She lives just a short tube journey from Downtown, and a weeks TTC (Toronto’s equivalent to the Underground) ticket, made sure that we could get wherever we needed to be, at whatever time. I got to see family, some of which I’d not seen in a good few years, and some of which I’d never met before too. Watched lots of sport – football, basketball, baseball. Managed to get to a couple CrossFit Gyms, ate out a lot, saw the Niagra Falls, went axe throwing (Which was f£$%&@! AMAZING!!!), got drunk a few times, and lastly but not least, had an awesome week networking, learning and playing at Canadian Music Week.


Again, I got to reunite with family I’d not seen for 18 years, and family I’d also never met before. The Philippines was definitely an eye opener for me. More of an experience than a holiday. My family live in conditions that people back home wouldn’t want to live in. The heat is almost unbearable and there is little space. The cooking is done on the floor, on a concrete block with charcoal, and they make full blown meals with this thing. We got around in a 7 seater car, which actually transported 14 of us at one point. A water buffalo pulled 25 of us through the forest so that we could get to a secluded laguna, which were basically wooden huts in the stream. But for the most part, they’re happy. The kids play with a skateboard all day, running in and out of the house. They do back flips on the beds, they plait my hair, they sing, they dance. They’re amazing. I wanted to take all of them back home, but knew I couldn’t. My cousin works in a call centre, and is doing really well. She provides for her family, and is the main bread winner. Without those call centres, she wouldn’t be able to do that. She is one of the lucky ones. And then people back home complain about international call centres.


These call centres are giving people in third world countries a chance. Try and listen a bit harder and use your brain.

Sometimes I think, if you were born in the West, then you automatically have it better then most people in the world. Life is easy. Jobs are easy to get, it’s relatively safe, school is free, medical care is free (UK) etc etc. I think we take for granted how good we do have it. If you lived in a country where you had no choice but to live in absolute poverty, school and medical care wasn’t free and everyday was a struggle because life is hard and in turn dangerous, what would you do? Would you try to get out? Everyone wants to go somewhere better. Everyone does.



Well, it’s going absolutely amazingly. Sold loads of copies online as well as physical CDs. I reached my pledge target, and got a handful of gigs too. Not to mention, playing Brownstock alongside the likes of Dizzee Rascal and Razorlight… When did that happen?! More of this please!!


This Wicked Tongue are busy recording our newest tracks, which will hopefully be done within the next week!



About 5 weeks ago I pulled my groin. ‘Told you that CrossFit was dangerous’, you might say… But you’d be wrong. I pulled it playing touch rugby. And I also pulled it in the first 30 seconds of the match. I had stretched but I hadn’t warmed up. Gutted. Anyway, because of this, I couldn’t go to CrossFit, and now I realise how much CrossFit was doing.

In the 3 weeks that I didn’t do CrossFit, not only did I start to feel like crap, but I also started eating crap again. I don’t know what it is, but when I used to exercise, I felt like I’d done so much good to my body, I couldn’t possibly put crap into it, and so ate well. But when I wasn’t doing it, I went back to my old habits. I recently started going again, and my God, I forgot how difficult it was. I’ve also started a new lifestyle business (more about that later), and have been using the products. I drink the aloe vera freedom gel everyday and my energy levels are up and I’m starting to feel good again. They say exercise is the best anti-depressant. I haven’t put this pic up yet, as I was a little shy, but here’s a little sneak peak of my first few months progress with CrossFit.



Oh, well if there wasn’t anything else going on in my hectic life, why not add another. I’ve started my own business.

Achieving financial stability is a goal most people strive for. One step further – to be able to control your financial destiny means that almost anything in life is possible. Forever Living Products offers an amazing opportunity for people whose current jobs aren’t taking them where they want to go, and I’ve grabbed this bull by its horns.

I am an independent distributor of the most amazing products and am learning how to become the best business mentor I can be. This opportunity is unbelievable and is for absolutely anyone willing to work hard. Click on the picture below to have a browse!

The Benefits: Extra income, more time and freedom, retirement income, meet new people, being your own boss, to help others, a better work/life balance, achieve your potential, career satisfaction, work from home.

Most people are working tirelessly in their jobs, with no direction. There is no room for growth. There is no praise and recognition for hard work, and no security. This is different. There is NO limit to what you can achieve. And you truly get out what you put in.

If this sounds like it’s for you, or you’re intrigued and want to know more, don’t hesitate to ask for more info!!!



As always, my life is going at 100mph. But like I said in one of my previous posts, I like to keep busy. Here’s to another busy end to 2014! See you all on the other side! xxx


Cut The Tent

As I put the finishing touches to my album Cut The Tent, and round off the details for my Pledge Launch, I realise how much I’ve got done in such a short space of time. This year has been manic, as the rest of my life has been for the last 4 years, but only now I’m seeing that things are paying off. I found out 2 days ago that I was invited to play the prestigious Canadian Music Week (actually in Canada), and also that the likes of Ellie Goulding and The 1975 are also going to be playing. Also had another amazing shoot with Stoney, and I absolutely cannot wait to see the pictures when he’s done with them. It’s all really exciting stuff, but I feel a calm like never before.


My band This Wicked Tongue are gigging all over the place, all the time. We’ve just put a back catalogue together as a release with some frickin’ awesome artwork. It gives a sense of laying old things to rest before we start the next leg of our journey. We already have 7 new songs ready to be recorded, which we’re doing this week and have a string of gigs leading into the summer too. 


Those who know me personally, rather than just through music will also know my new passion for Crossfit. I started at the end of the last year when my friend posted on Facebook that he was opening a gym in Worcester. I decided to go along and try it out. I became addicted. At first, I’d go once a week, sometimes once every two weeks, as I was so busy with gigs leading up to Christmas, and more honestly, I physically couldn’t do more than that because my muscles and body were so sore. I’d be stiff for a week straight!! This was to be expected as the only exercise I ever got was head banging on stage or getting involved in a mosh pit. But now I’m going 3 times a week and can’t get enough. My muscles don’t hurt nearly as much and it’s doing things to my body that I am absolutely loving. My energy levels are higher than ever before, I’m starting to eat a lot more healthily and my mood is so much better than it used to be. Being on stage isn’t so much of a workout anymore either, which really helps my singing. If anyone wants to give it a go, then please let me know and we can sort out a free taster session. I’ve never been addicted to anything in my life – this is definitely the good type.



Finally, I’ll leave you with some dates!!

7th March – Cut The Tent PLEDGE Launch

This will be my Pledge Launch gig, which will give people the opportunity to see some samples of what they can pledge for, and also hear a few chilled versions of the songs that will be on the album. It will be a night filled of music and beer, oh and also The Firefly are launching their new food menu on this night, so get there early and have dinner with me! Woop!


21st March – This Wicked Tongue at The Frog & Fiddle

Come aboard Nancy and let’s ruin the Frog in Cheltenham.


29th March – This Wicked Tongue at The Hatchet

Come aboard Nancy and let’s ruin The Hatchet in Bristol!


25th July – Deerstock Festival

We love small festivals, and we’re headlining the Friday night on this one. Get tickets on their website at a discounted price using our discount code TWT25.


There’s just a few to be getting on with!


Until next time xx




Im busier than …

Im busier than I’ve ever been. But have so much more time.

This year, I decided to get really punctual and just go for it. I thought I was working hard last year, when in reality, I was busy doing nothing. I am certainly not going to let that happen for another year.

It’s funny, I am not one for keeping to a schedule. I like my free flowing life and don’t like being tied down to anything, but in the 1st week of 2014, I’ve done more than I thought I could, just by sticking to a time schedule. NOT spending 2 hours on Facebook, refreshing my news feed for 1 in 100 posts that might be interesting. NOT lying in bed playing candy crush. NOT watching videos of Rihanna not being able to sing for an hour. This was my day on the 3rd January:


Friday 3rd

10.00 – Wake Up/breakfast/check email

11.00 – Gym (Back and Biceps, swim)

14.00 – Sort parking fine, tshirts, etc

                > Sort parking fine 

                > Order Tshirts

                > Claim phone with Barclays

                > Research Tshirt machine/equipment

                > Internet (45 mins: Youtube 15 mins, Facebook 15 mins, Twitter 5 mins, Soundcloud/reverb 10 mins)

                > Clean screens

                > Post ebay sales

                > Get PRS up to date

16.00 – Band Practice

20.00 – Gig


Now, in all honesty, I didn’t get everything done. But I carried on stuff that I didn’t manage to get done to the next day, and managed to finish everything in the week. I’m already feeling like there’s less ‘shit’ to do and more free time to play guitar, practice piano, write songs, etc etc. It’s refreshing! Of course, odd things crop up that completely wipes out my schedule; today for example, I have a lot to do, and also need to switch bedrooms. I didn’t account for that, and am now wondering if I’ll have time to do it till next week, BUT oh look, today, if I get my shit done, I have 2 hours to spare before I need to leave for the open mic night that I run. I wouldn’t know that if I didn’t have my silly timetable. My work would probably expand to fill the time I have! NOT ANYMORE.


Here’s to me being more busy, therefore less busy.



This Wicked Tongue on the road again.

This Wicked Tongue on the road again.

So it’s been a hectic last month. My band have finally picked ourselves back up after what has been a non-moving and difficult year and we’re all really excited. We’ve got new songs in the bag, loads of gigs coming up, and are generally in a good place now. We recently managed to support Follow You Home on their tour and are set to play with them again on their christmas party in December.

I’m supporting Finley Quaye this weekend, and my wingman Mike Mann has just been called in for Jury Duty so won’t be able to make it. Talk about there being a spanner in the works!! Never mind though, This Wicked Tongue always pulls through and we’re gonna have a ball of a time regardless. It’ll be interesting to see how Alex Albrow slots in, I can’t wait!!

Anyway, my pledge campaign is slowly taking shape, and in it’s final stages for it’s launch so please keep your eyes peeled for all the cool things that I’ll be showing you in the next few weeks leading up to christmas 🙂

Enough for now,

Tina x



So last weekend, I had the pleasure of going to an awesome festival called ArcTangent. From the makers of 2000trees, this festival was always bound to be incredible. I saw all the bands that wanted to see, and a load more too. My favourites from the weekend would have to be Arcane Roots, Theo, ASIWYFA, Talons and Baby Godzilla.

For me, all these bands brought something really different to the table, be it incredible vocals, crazy live show, awesome musicianship or just songs that make you wanna lose control. If you do anything today, check out these bands.

On the subject of music, some of you may know that I’m in the process of getting my second album ready. I’m setting up a pledge campaign and will let you know all the details ASAP. For now, all you need to know is that I’m going to be raising money to fund the album, and I would be grateful if you guys could help! You don’t get nothing for your money and you can choose what ‘services’ you’d like to buy, be it an album, poster or gig in your living room! I’m really proud of the work that’s gone into this album and am very VERY excited for you to hear it!!!

So please, keep your eyes peeled in the coming weeks… Things are gonna get exciti

Beauty Fool

Beauty Fool

When we were kids, Renee (beauty fool) and I were inseparable. But I moved to England from Singapore and sadly we lost touch. Facebook was ‘invented’ and we found each other 😀 And to my delight, Renee has actually become one of the biggest, if not THE biggest beauty blogger in Singapore! I’ve followed her for years so it’s only right I share her blog on mine! She was the first person I ever knew to have a blog and it’s awesome. I’m not sure why I didn’t start one sooner! She’s even featured me on her blog already!!

Renee writes about beauty, lifestyle and fashion, and regularly blogs about new products she’s tried out so to give you an insight of whether it’s any good or not. She’s also very active in finding out and only using brands that do not test on animals. Perfect person? So if you like my blog, which I’ve only been doing for a few weeks, then you’re going to love Renee’s. Go follow her 🙂

Another blog I read is a young woman called Kenza’s.

She posts photos daily of her outfits, and writes short snippets about what she’s getting up to for that specific day. I found her through instagram and have to admit, I now have a small girl crush on her. She looks absolutely amazing and also has her own clothing line now called Ivy Revel. They don’t ship to the UK yet though, so I’m patiently waiting for that to change!

Now here’s a blog closer to home. This girl is one of my good friend’s, Becky Rose’s sister; Katie Lowe.

Fat Girl, PhD

About 2 years ago, I noticed a huge difference in Becky. She, like me is a musician in Worcester and regularly gigs, so I only ever saw her every few weeks or so. All of a sudden it seemed she’d lost a load of weight, but more importantly seemed really happy and healthy!! We speak a lot more these days, and I realise now it wasn’t an overnight process, and that it was hard work. So anyway, I began to read little snippets of a blog that her and her family started to share on Facebook. And voila, it’s being written by Becky’s sister Katie, who also managed to lose a load of weight and just looks amazing for it.

I read this blog because not only does it give you motivation to be HEALTHY, it also doesn’t ignore the fact that in a world where the media tells you what’s perfect; you’ll never be happy until you accept yourself as you are:

“It’s about changing your entire attitude towards yourself, both in mind and body.”

She’s an inspiration!!

So those are the blogs that I regularly read, please let me know others that I’m missing out on!!!

Tina x

EP No. 2, on the way!!! PLEDGE?!

EP No. 2, on the way!!! PLEDGE?!

Okay, so at the moment I’m up to my eyeballs in ‘stuff’. I have a few t-shirt orders in the pipeline, but seeing as my arm is out of action for a while I can’t get going with them for another few days! Nightmare. So anyway, in the meantime I’m also busy writing for my second album! It’s gonna be the full works, full band, fully produced sound; as opposed to my first album, which  was quite literally my voice and a piano… and Dave Draper’s amazing production 😉


So I’m really excited to finally get all the songs written and to show all of you hundred’s and thousands of people reading this (  <— 😉   ) what I’ve been working on. Song no. 8 is nearly finished and then I only have another few more to work on. On the downside, doing an album means spending money!!! Money that I don’t have but am willing to work for! So I’m in the process of working on a pledge campaign. Pledge campaigns give ‘fans’ the opportunity to support an act and help them pay for either an album or single release. The act will put together a list of items that are for sale and how much they cost: merch, gigs, posters, albums once they’re done, etc etc. The fans then choose which item they want, pay for it and the act gets the money! So it’s not money for free! I’m currently working on my list so any suggestions would be amazing!!


Being busy is always a good thing in my opinion! And I’m happier at the moment that I have so much on. Stay tuned, I might even put some cheeky snippets of some new songs up here if you’re lucky!!!


The link at the top is to my soundcloud where you can find loads of my first album and loads of my band This Wicked Tongue’s stuff too! Enjoy! x

I went and got engaged!

Screen Shot 2013-07-19 at 11.49.08



Looks like I didn’t get off to a great start with keeping my blog up to date, but my reasons are good 😉

I went to Portugal on a nice holiday with my boyfriend, good friend and her partner. Not only did I have 2 mega tshirt orders to get done before I went, but was also ram packed with gigs too. Left me with no time to write!!! My apologies! But anyway, I came back engaged so I’m happy 🙂

The ring my fiancé (that’s gonna take some getting used to) gave me was a family heirloom, and I absolutely love it. I think it’s perfect for me.

“Jack of all tr…

“Jack of all trades, master of none”

So here I am. My first blog. My name is Tina Maynard and I am a singer, songwriter, t-shirt printer, events organiser, guitar and piano player. I dabble. So why start a blog? Well, the main reason is because I want to get better at writing, in all honesty. And I love reading blogs. What better way to practice writing, than doing it everyday? A close second, would be because I want to share with people, what interests me – and that is almost everything. I’m a young woman who’s interested in the world and what it has to offer. I am an optimist. Like most, I have my issues with the world, and have strong opinions, but I’ll leave them for a later blog/post? I don’t really know what they’re called yet (lol).

So that’s enough for a brief intro, I’ll be writing all sorts of things in my blog; about my band ‘This Wicked Tongue’, fashion and music mainly, but who knows where this could go.

That’s enough for now, hopefully see you soon,

Tina V x